{ Shannon + Brandon } Engaged!!!

Truth be told, Shannon and Brandon are family :). Brandon is my brother-in-law by association, in other words, he’s my brother-in-law’s brother. When he brought Shannon to meet us, I told my little sister… I like her, he better not screw this up! Ha! So, now here we are and after over a year of proposal planning, Brandon did it! Brandon and I met a couple of days before to plan out the proposal. Everything went according to plan and Shannon didn’t have a clue. Which, was the hardest part, because she knew the proposal was coming, but didn’t know when. I’m so proud of Brandon for pulling this off!

Brandon takes a peek back to make sure I am there...

the second is blurry because I was laughing so hard! I had inched my way closer and closer, that it was so funny when shannon finally saw me!

xoxo~ Can’t for June ’11!!! Whoo hoo and Congratulations!!!

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