{REBIRTH} Mississippi Delta Photography Retreat

Last week I was in Clarksdale, Mississippi for a photography retreat. This is the 2nd year I have attended the Rebirth Retreat and I had another amazing time. The theme of the week was “surrender to the creative process.” Sometimes I forget to slow down. The week was about slowing down, experimenting with new techniques, and being wide open to experience the experience.

When I arrived Sunday evening, it was raining a bit. Then, as I was getting ready to go to bed, the rain became a storm and was accompanied by thunder and lightening. I pulled out my camera and took some photos from my porch at the Shack Up Inn.


The next morning, we got up with sun and went to explore for awhile. We headed to the river.. the Mississippi River that is :).  At first, all I saw was the beauty, the trees growing out of the water, the soft light rising from the horizon. Then, the wind blew towards us.. whew.. what is that smell? I then noticed all the fish. These huge dead fish washed up on the shore. You don’t really see that sort of thing in Carlsbad. It was so sad, and completely fascinating.


One thing I noticed as I was driving from the airport to Clarksdale, was the wild purple wisteria growing everywhere. There is wisteria here, but it’s not wild. Purple wisteria is one of my favorite flowers. They only bloom for a few short weeks in the spring, and I am always so excited for it! As soon as I got a chance, I had to take pictures of the wild wisteria.



Stay tuned for more!!


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