{Megan + Roger} Destination: Hawaii Wedding

You know that old ketchup commercial? Anticipation.. Anticipaaaation, that’s what I think of when I think of the past year leading to the whirlwind of events that began only 2 weeks ago today.

I first met Megan and Roger back in January of 2010, before they had even picked a venue. When Megan told me that the wedding was going to be in Hawaii and asked if I would like to come, well,  I did the “happy dance” :).  That was in April of 2010. So, the anticipation has been over a year.

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The wedding week began with a church ceremony at the gorgeous Our Lady of The Rosary in Little Italy. It was an intimate ceremony, and a beautiful one at that.


Megan always has the most FABULOUS shoes.. and they must be documented!undefined


A few days later I met up with Megan and Roger in Wakikii, Hawaii! Now, here’s a little side story about my trip to Hawaii..

About 5 years my husband and I took our 2 boys to Hawaii. We stayed on Oahu and thoroughly enjoyed our vacation in Waikkii. When planning for this trip, I was really torn.. do we make it another family vacation? But we already have done Wakikii and if the whole family was going to go to Hawaii again, we really wanted to explore a place we haven’t before. Do I just take my husband? Well, I love my husband, but doing nothing is not really his thing. And I was going to be gone working for a whole day, what would he do with himself? Not to mention getting the kids covered back at home for a whole week. So I came up with a plan : bring Dawn. Dawn is my best friend. She lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, so needless to say, visits are hard to come by. I emailed her husband George and asked if was doable and if it was to be my accomplice. He jumped on board and over the next weeks I sent Dawn clues to where she was spending her Mother’s Day and birthday. The big reveal happened about 3 weeks before the trip and she was pretty over the moon about it. (so was I)

… now back to Megan and Roger…

When I shoot a destination wedding, I always shoot the rehearsal dinner. I just love being around the family, friends, and guests as much as possible. The rehearsal dinner was at the Tiki’s Grill at the Aston Waikikii Beach Hotel.

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Stay tuned for more!!!

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