{My Family} at Grandma Gracie’s house

And now for something different…

A few weeks ago, my family got together for dinner at my Mom’s house. Since all the Grandkids were going to be together, I decided it was a fine opportunity to get some photos of the kids.

Here is my kid, Zander, playing with my nephew Desmond.

solana_beach_family_photos_001This my sister Ursula with her kid Callan. In the next image, it’s my niece Lilah.solana_beach_family_photos_002Lilah running, and my niece Maya playing “camera shy”.solana_beach_family_photos_003Maya and Lilah.solana_beach_family_photos_004Here is Desmond, Lilah and Maya drawing.solana_beach_family_photos_005solana_beach_family_photos_006solana_beach_family_photos_007Ha ha Maya… I got you!solana_beach_family_photos_008solana_beach_family_photos_009Callan is three and he was having a “out of sorts” day.. so he needed to take some iPhone game breaks. Cuddling w/Uncle Grayson was a bonus.solana_beach_family_photos_010Grandma Gracie slaving away in the kitchen.solana_beach_family_photos_012More cooking. My husband Eddie and Zander exchanging looks.
solana_beach_family_photos_011Callan was cold, so he needed mommy cuddles.solana_beach_family_photos_013My kid Skylar, and Ursula photo bombing.solana_beach_family_photos_014Uncle Eddie with Lilah and Maya… awwwww.solana_beach_family_photos_015These girls love their Uncle Eddie, and were literally crawling all over him. Eddie is saying, I  love them, but can you get them off me now?
solana_beach_family_photos_016Here are the big boys… My nephew Darrick, Skylar, Desmond and Zander.solana_beach_family_photos_017solana_beach_family_photos_018Lilah joining the boys.
solana_beach_family_photos_019All of the kids now! With weird fake smiles. Until…solana_beach_family_photos_020Ursula started acting like a dork behind me.
solana_beach_family_photos_021solana_beach_family_photos_022solana_beach_family_photos_023solana_beach_family_photos_024Desmond was O-V-E-R picture time.solana_beach_family_photos_025But Mom can be so silly…solana_beach_family_photos_026solana_beach_family_photos_027solana_beach_family_photos_028And my little wierdos…solana_beach_family_photos_029I loves my family!!

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