{Briana + Josh} E-Session at Snooze Eatery in Hillcrest

My session with Briana & Josh was The-Most-Fun-EVER! (I’m tempted to hashtag, but… my kids would totally roll their eyes at me.) We got up very, very early in the morning to meet at Snooze Eatery in Hillcrest. This place is total eye candy! I was positively giddy! Snooze is one of Briana and Josh’s favorite spots. When they first started dating, they both used to work the graveyard shift, so Snooze was their go-to-place. They are so awesome together, easy and fun!

snooze-eatery-hillcrest_001snooze-eatery-hillcrest_002snooze-eatery-hillcrest_003snooze-eatery-hillcrest_004snooze-eatery-hillcrest_005snooze-eatery-hillcrest_006snooze-eatery-hillcrest_007snooze-eatery-hillcrest_008snooze-eatery-hillcrest_009snooze-eatery-hillcrest_010snooze-eatery-hillcrest_011snooze-eatery-hillcrest_012The staff at Snooze was so welcoming and cool… check out what the chef did!!

snooze-eatery-hillcrest_013snooze-eatery-hillcrest_014snooze-eatery-hillcrest_015After a bit, we headed to the patio so Evie could join us… she thought the pancake was delish!

snooze-eatery-hillcrest_016snooze-eatery-hillcrest_017snooze-eatery-hillcrest_018…Next we headed over to the North Park sign… snooze-eatery-hillcrest_019snooze-eatery-hillcrest_020snooze-eatery-hillcrest_021snooze-eatery-hillcrest_022


Thank you Briana and Josh for a kick-ass time, I can’t wait till your wedding next year!!! xoxo~ Annie

And a Special Thank You to Nicholas and the rest of the staff at Snooze Eatery for letting us play!

ps. The food was AWESOME!

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