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{The Neville Family} Lemons and Horses oh my!

Sawyer is getting so big! He’s 18 months old and on the move! There is something special about every age, but 18 months is especially sweet.  Seth and Jenn are having a blast being parents, and it shows, no… it glows in every image!

encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_001pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_002pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_003pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_004pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_005pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_006pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_007pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_008pintopinterestWhen I first saw this image, I was like.. dang! I missed that super cute Sawyer smile! But I kept going back to it, falling in love with how the focus is on Seth and Jenn, but you can see enough of Sawyer’s little grin.

encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_009pintopinterestSawyer is going to throw a lemon to me.. 1.. 2.. 3!

encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_010pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_011pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_012pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_013pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_014pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_015pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_016pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_017pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_018pintopinterestBye Bye Horsie!

encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_019pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_020pintopinterest encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_021pintopinterestWhere did the horsie go??

encinitas-family-photographer_neville14_022pintopinterestThank you Seth, Jenn, and Sawyer for a magical session! Love you guys!! xoxo~ Annie

ps. #sawyerlove

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  • Peggy Watts

    Wonderful but then again that my daughter and grandsonReplyCancel

  • Grace Gray-Adams

    Annie you are amazing. I know I am partial to this family but you captured their special essense.ReplyCancel

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