{The Smith Family} Marian Bear Park Family Session

The Smith family is one of my families that I got to start at the beginning with. The engagement, wedding, newborn portraits and now family sessions. Watching a family grow is what I love most about what I do!

Ok, now specifically.. Jen and Dan have always been super mellow, let me put it this way, I’ve never had to tell them to stop talking so we could take some pictures. So here comes Jackson bounding out of the car and talking up a storm. I was cracking up! He’s so curious and smart, just adorable! Little Madilyn is a little slower to warm up, she’s a thinker :) but in the end we got her smiling!

marian-bear-park-smith_001marian-bear-park-smith_002marian-bear-park-smith_003marian-bear-park-smith_004marian-bear-park-smith_005marian-bear-park-smith_006marian-bear-park-smith_007marian-bear-park-smith_008marian-bear-park-smith_009marian-bear-park-smith_010marian-bear-park-smith_011marian-bear-park-smith_012marian-bear-park-smith_013marian-bear-park-smith_014marian-bear-park-smith_015marian-bear-park-smith_016marian-bear-park-smith_017Thank you Jen, Dan, Jackson, and Madilyn for a awesome session! xoxo~ Annie

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