a little bit about annie…

• I am a mother of 2 boys. I have 3 cats and 1 very old man pug. He’s the fawn pug pictured everywhere, the black pug was my girl, Sally. She passed away in 2017, but I can’t bear to take her photos down.  I also have a very salty betta fish named Querty, a tree frog named Morrissey, and my son has 3 snakes and a tarantula. I love critters. I like to help butterflies and encourage birds to nest in my garden.

• My favorite show of all time is 30 rock. Quiz me, I dare you!

• I like to play ATOMAS on my phone anytime I have to wait more than 30 seconds.

• My husband and I had our first date on my 16th birthday. We married 9yrs later at the Haunted Hotel in San Diego.
• Obsession is my motivation.
• The weirder the better.
• I use exclamation points far too much! (I’m honestly very enthusiastic though)
• Nothing cheers me up better than candy.


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