About Annie


I’m Annie, my mom calls me Banana, but I prefer my other nickname AnnieCat. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of friends and family that have taken to calling me “myannie”.  It really makes me feel special to be called that, that these people I love have taken some ownership of me. I belong to them. So cool!I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I love my family, the whole huge crazy lot of them. I do have to say, that my husband and my boys are the best things that have ever happened to me! I never expected my high school boyfriend and I to end up here, but we did and I am so grateful. We were married 13 years ago at the Haunted Hotel here in San Diego. We won a contest on 91x and had 3 days to plan. Now we have two amazing boys who happen to be the most awesome kids ever! They both have hilarious senses of humor and entertain me endlessly.

Becoming a professional photographer has been quite a journey.  While I studied photography and art in college, I took a more “safe” career path. I worked in photo labs, then in graphics and printing places and eventually ran my own graphics and web design business.  I was good at it, but it just didn’t fulfill me creatively. When I had my kids, my love for portrait photography surfaced.  I began my professional photography career by doing architectural photography for my web design clients. The more I took photographs, the more I became convinced that photography needed to be my focus.

I volunteered to assist a wedding photographer for a few weddings to “try it on”. It didn’t take a few though. After that first wedding I came home and told my husband and kids that I had to be a wedding photographer. I was hooked!

I love being a photographer, I love the relationships I have made with my clients, I just love everything about what I do. My goal as an artist is to document with my unique vision your life, your moments, your milestones. To be your photographer for life.

xoxo~ Annie