Planning Tips

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming job. The best way to approach it is by breaking it down into manageable pieces. Where to start? First, your venue. Is it tropical? Rustic? Elegant? Take snapshots of the ceremony site, the cocktail area, the reception site and even the surrounding areas your guest will walk through. As you plan your wedding, the venue is very important to keep in mind. You want to enhance and coordinate with the environment. To turn a rustic barn into a french palace is just a tad unrealistic.

Next create a vision board. Gathering bits and pieces of what you love and putting it together can help you create the vision of your wedding. Once the over-all theme  and color palette come into focus, everything else will fall into place. Go through wedding magazines, fashion magazines, even home decor magazines and pull out anything that “speaks to you”. Another fabulous source: the internet! Here is a list of my favorite blogs!

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