an investment in memories…

oldphotoOne of my fondest memories is when I was a little girl sitting on my Grandmother’s lap as she showed me her many photo albums. Listening to the stories, seeing the old prints of distant family members curling at the edges, captioned in my Grandma’s handwriting. I loved those old dusty albums, they were filled with people that were connected to me but lived in an unrecognizable world. These days, when my family gathers, we often pull out albums from our childhood. The memories we share are brought into focus with those old photographs.

In our digital world, photos aren’t stored in albums, they are stored on hard drives. The sheer number of images that we take now can be overwhelming to organize, print, and even store. The advantage to hiring a professional photographer is that you will have a set(s) of photographs that will be organized, archived and printed. This is an investment in preserving your family history and it will be super fun too.


PORTRAITS are $250 for a 60min. session {download portrait brochure}


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