What to wear

what2wear2The number one question I get from my clients is “What should we wear??” Well, here are a few tips…

Clothing is a very personal and specific way that people express whom they are without saying anything.  Clothing can be casual, playful, professional or elegant; a person’s outward appearance says a lot about who they are.  There are really no rules when dressing for a photo shoot, but there are some guidelines to consider.

The Color Palette:

•    Bold stripes, plaids, and loud patterns can be distracting and they can sometimes create bizarre optical illusions.

•    Vibrant colors can be distracting in large groups, however complementary vibrant colors can work well for a couple.

•    Try to find colors that contrast to your skin tone, versus match your skin tone.

•    Something to keep in mind… white clothing tends to add weight in photos, while darker or richer shades of color are
more flattering and slimming.

•    If more than one person is being photographed, clothing should be in the same tonal ranges and style (i.e. dressy/casual) without being “matchy-matchy”. Complementary shades add depth to your portraits while matching colors give a flat look to your group.

•    Earth tones mix well with other earth tones. Bright colors blend well with other bright colors. Try to stay in the same
tonal family (think about your old box of Crayola crayons).

The Style and Cut:

•  Turtle necks and V-necks are flattering provided that neither is exaggerated in style. Keep in mind that very wide or very deep V-necks expose more skin to the lens of our cameras. Bulky cowl neck sweaters can hide the neck.
•  If you are at all self conscious about your upper arms, long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves are a great choice. Bare upper arms can appear large in photos as you wrap your arms around your loved one.
•  Make certain that shoes are in keeping with the visual look of your portraits. I LOVE shoes and if you got rockin’ ones let’s see them!
•  Skirts and dresses should cover the knee. Refer to the bare upper arms point above. However, if you feel comfortable, show ‘em. This one is your call! Choose flowy fabrics over tight, binding fabrics. Clingy fabric can accentuate imperfections (we all have them!).


•  Love to wear hats? Bring em!

•  Jewelry can really be a fun way to show off your personality, we can always evaluate before the shoot.. so bring it!

•  Scarves can be fun too and really change up the look without changing the wardrobe.

The most important tip I have is BE COMFORTABLE and BE YOURSELF in what you are wearing. If you are comfortable and you feel good, it will come across in the photos.

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